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Our story

Here you will find some programs that were once part of our history but that somehow are still part of our life.

A Bolsa de Antuerpy

Antuerpy's Stock Exchange
The "Gordinho Taunge" presents a dancing selection, rocked by great voices, in a mixture of seduction and balance, this program is ideal for "raising the shuttlecock".

Groove and Soul, this is how we can present this playlist curated by our friend Tubarão. Tim Maia, Funkadelic, Wilson Picckett, Jmmy, Jimmy Bo Horne and Joe Tex; Among other amazing names.

A Pasta de Antuérpy

Antwerpy's Folder
A program rescued from the oblivion of a traveler who accumulated lived experiences and important moments of his journey. A true rescue of some wonders of Blues, Soul, Groove and good old rock and roll. Welcome everyone to this "trip".



Márcio Costa found a folder. A folder full of lived experiences and stories to tell and with it  a musical score built as the backdrop for a great journey. Antuérpys fate is unknown but its "soundtrack" has been found and is presented here in this program. Discover the musical accompaniment of a lonely and aimless traveler.


Brazil has always been a great mix and Bramix brings a little of all this in the existing musical version in the country. Music doesn't have a language and that's why everyone communicates, but in a place as big as Brazil, the musicality is infinite.

Bábiton Leão is a musician and journalism student with a passion for radio, music and football. With a huge appreciation for Brazilian music.

Boletim Esportivo Mutante

Mutant Sports Bulletin (BEM)
Stay on top of football news here at Mutante with a newsletter from Monday to Friday. A daily summary of information about regional football and national and international topics.

Bábiton Leão is a journalism student with a passion for radio, music and football. With a fan dynamic it presents a summary of the day.


DAZE disc
With a forward-thinking approach to electronic/house music and a constant desire to delve into the remnants of early 2000s vinyl, a unique curatorial approach has developed over the years and continues to be the driving force on this journey of sonic ecstasy



Originally from the CPT, his musical education began as a musician in a rock band, where he played basic guitar and was the lead singer of a local band. A few years later, the band broke up. This was the catalyst for experiencing electronic music and self-taught music production.


jazz j
The great names of the genre, in classic or rare recordings, presenting the best in the history of this musical style so revolutionary and fascinating that is jazz.

Curated by Gustavo Pessota, dental surgeon, bass player for the JazzGig band and passionate collector of jazz and instrumental music.


The heavy side of rock and the sonorous rocks. Multi-format program, with music and chat, presented by Lohy Silveira  and occasional guests.



Lohy Silveira, who was dedicated to making a program about a common passion, Heavy Metal. The best of Metal and heavy rock is presented thematically and also freely, with the occasional participation of Juann Acosta (Fala Roqueiro), and occasional guests.


Latin Mix in Brazil
Regional, nativist, Latin American, and universal music. Mixing the languages: Portuguese and Spanish, the communicator Daniel Mello (Uruguayan at heart, but Gaucho at heart) brings a mix of music and culture to enrich the weekend mornings.

Daniel Mello.


The best of the alternative club. Press play, because the ballad starts at home.

From Frenetics, Gloria Gaynor, New Order and Pharrel Willams to  AC/DC, Guns & Roses, Queen and Red Baron...from past to present, a playlist made especially for those who don't like to sit still.



Black on Metal
The project extends its reach by arriving at Rádio Mutante as a "Representative" of causes, styles and spaces. The main objective of the project is to provide social representation to black people, a way to have an active voice in Heavy Metal and, thus, encourage their entry into this scenario, encouraging them.

Projeto Preto no Metal is conceived and in charge of Indy Lopes, Dénis Lapuente and Lohy Silveira (show host) and today has the partnership and collaboration of  Peter Jaques, Joe Ribeiro, Ju Elias, Deise Vanska and Terry PainKiller.


It's quite psychedelic, having as its main characteristic the idea of trance in which the listener enters, lulled by the synthesizer lines repeated along the beats of the song, which consists of a 4/4 rhythm. Since its inception, trance has gone through several changes. According to the details in its structure, they can be from the styles Progressive, Dark and Psychedelic, among others. Each strand became independent, forming a school for the artists involved.


“After silence, what comes closest to expressing the inexpressible is music”. -  Aldous Huxley


Presented by the Jungian psychologist Meldeluz, a program that develops ideas and concepts of psychology in their relationship with everyday themes, promoting moments of reflection and self-knowledge for its listeners.


"Your vision will only become clear when you can look into your heart. Whoever looks outside dreams, whoever looks inside awakens." - Carl Gustav Jung


Rockarina Program
The Rockarina Program is very eclectic, with rock'n'roll and blues from all times and strands. It occasionally has the presence of live guests, such as musicians, bands, artists, personalities and cultural producers.


Rockarina is presented by Carina Gertz, who is a Public Relations, Journalist and Post-Graduate in Marketing, who has already carried out several journalistic and photographic coverages, live broadcasts and interviews with musicians and bands. Covering events such as Ozzy's Show, Robert Plant's Show, Roger Waters, among many others.


Sound of Winds
A program that presents the wind forecast with a focus on sports. Indicating the right combination between winds and sports for your weekend, bringing interviews, information, special tips and good music.


To conduct Som dos Ventos, we have an International Kitesurf Instructor, Sailor, Surfer, Accessible Tourism Instructor, adoring and practicing various sports and directly involved with our waters, environment and clean energy. With you our friend Gusta.



The Program Pernambucanidade  aims to provide its listeners with the musical diversity of Pernambuco. And in addition to showing already established artists, it also makes room for new ones that are coming.


Presentation Composer Jobson Clemente-Olinda PE.

Sundays from 11 am

5 (2).jpg

From Last Century
Coming from the last century, with records and experiences, the DSP presents things that came out of radio in the 20th century. Get to know the old to value and transform the new.

Goat – Motorcyclist, North American, widower, whiskey drinker, born and raised in the last century.

Saturdays and Sundays from 1pm

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