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Radio Mutante was created with the simple desire to feel good "doing radio" and to spread the culture of the web radio.

In the midst of the novelties we seek to preserve and value the different, the old, the good taste and the consecrated, while giving space for the new ones, creating a mixture of high level for appreciation.

Radio Mutante seeks to offer a diverse and creative programming by presenting a multi-faceted, uncensored or standardized musical universe, believing that music can help us to have other insights and develop our naturally mutant side.

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Quatro e Vinte
The Full Dinossauros
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Nós da Rádio Mutante adotamos uma posição apartidária como princípios morais, éticos e comportamentais. Dessa maneira, cada comunicador tem a responsabilidade total e correta pelo que ele escreve e / ou fala que é transmitido no rádio ou em qualquer outro canal de comunicação.

We at Rádio Mutante adopt a nonpartisan position as moral, ethical and behavioral principles. In this way each communicator has the right and total responsibility for what he writes and / or speaks that is broadcasted on the radio or any of his other channels of communication.