The program for those who want to feel the beach breeze, bringing a mix of reggae and the best of beach sound.


Pure Feeling, Planta & Raiz, SOJA, Chimarruts, Armandinho, Maneva, Maskavo, Bob Marley, Tribo de Jah, Natiruts, Black Uhuru, Gilberto Gil, Dread Lion, Alpha Blondy, Canamaré, Cidade Negra, Groudation, Ziggy Marley, Jimmy Cliff, among others make up this perfect playlist for you ... to relax.


From Monday to Saturday from 16 h.


A Bolsa de Antuerpy
A Bolsa de Antuerpy

"Gordinho Taunge" presents a dance selection and packed with great voices, in a mixture of seduction and balance this program is ideal for "lifting the shuttlecock".


Groove and Soul, this is how we can present this playlist curated by our friend Tubarão. Tim Maia, Funkadelic, Wilson Picckett, Jmmy, Jimmy Bo Horne and Joe Tex; Among other incredible names.

Saturday and Sundays from 13 h.


Acordes Elétricos
Acordes Elétricos

Plug in! Increase the sound and double the attention. The band Electroacordes wants to provoke your ears with the most authentic rock! Immerse yourself in the songs of the power trio, besieged in Porto Alegre, and which has been operating for over 4 years in paid gauchos. The band transcends eclectic music - without labels, ready-made recipes or pre-made jargon - plugged into the origins of blues, jazz, psychedelic pop rock and the 70s. Take a deep breath and enjoy!


Rodrigo Vizzotto presents a Music, Ideas and Rock Program - by Rodrigo Vizzotto / Eletroacordes.

Fridays and Saturdays from 9 pm.


A Cara da Mutante
A Cara da Mutante

The essence of Rádio Mutante: preserving and valuing the different, the old, the good taste and the consecrated, while giving space to the new ones, creating a high-level mix for your appreciation.


"There is something for everyone, just not for bad taste!". A diverse and creative playlist that presents a musical universe of many facets, without censorship or standardized formats, believing that music can help us to have other perceptions and develop our naturally changing side. The 80s, 90s and 2000s.

From Monday to Friday from 13 h.

A Mala de Antuerpy
A Mala de Antuerpy

From electronic to basic guitar, Mala de Antuerpy is a "cat bag", a mix of artists and styles that in combination leave no trace that they are a random choice.


A kind of "mixed" compilation of the things that Antuerpy is happy to hear. A peculiar mixture that goes without any "orchestration" but that its appearance shows completely the opposite, bringing a combination of great taste.

Wednesdays from 20 h.

A Pasta de Antuérpy
A Pasta de Antuérpy

A program rescued from the forgetfulness of a traveler who has accumulated lived experiences and remarkable moments of his walk. A true rescue of some wonders of Blues, Soul, Groove and good old rock and roll. Welcome everyone to this "trip".



Márcio Costa found a folder. A folder full of lived experiences and stories to tell and with it a musical track built as a backdrop for a great trip. Antwerp's fate is unknown, but his "soundtrack" has been found and is featured here in this program. Get to know the musical accompaniment of a lonely and destined traveler.

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 23 h.

Agora Que São ELAS
Agora Que São Elas

Here man does not enter! This is a program to honor the strength, power, softness and sensitivity of female voices, to enchant your soul and your ears.


Rita Lee, Maria Rita, Gal Costa, Maria Bethânia, Maria Gadú, Elis Regina, Zélia Duncan, Ana Carolina, Janis Joplin, Etta James, Billy Holiday, Amy Winehouse among others.


Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6 pm.


Brazil has always been a great mix and Bramix brings a little bit of it all in the existing musical version in the country. Music has no language so everyone communicates, however in a place as big as Brazil, music is infinite.


Bábiton Leão is a musician and student of journalism with a passion for radio, music and football. With a huge appreciation for Brazilian music.


Tuesdays at 6 pm. Saturdays reruns at the same time.

Bem Brasileiro

Much more than MPB. A collection of styles and proposals that are a beautiful business card for those who want to hear and know what is going on in our "brasilis" land.


Curated by Axl in partnership with Beto Xavier - Journalist, broadcaster and researcher on Brazilian popular music and football, he has been working in the media for more than 30 years. He is the author of the book Futebol na País da Música.

From Monday to Friday from 06 h.


A musical selection specially designed for lovers of the Blues, or for those who simply want a nice background curtain for when all cats are brown.


Your best company for Mutante's dawns. Lohy Silveira prepares a special playlist for Blues lovers, and good music.

From Sunday to Thursday from 24h and Fridays and Saturdays from 02h in the blues dawn of Mutante.

Boletim Esportivo Mutante
Boletim Esportivo Mutante (BEM)

Stay on top of football news here at Mutante with a newsletter from Monday to Friday. A daily summary of information on regional football and national and international topics.


Bábiton Leão is a student of journalism with a passion for radio, music and football. With a fan dynamic he presents a summary of the day.

Monday to Friday always at 17:50 pm.


The songs that marked an era, influenced a generation, and that stayed in our heads and hearts. A selection of the best pearls of rock and roll are in this program, which does not bring its name for nothing.


We are a family owned and operated business.
Playlist signed by Rádio Mutante's board.

Every day from 12 noon.

Conexão Amazônia

What does the jungle sound like? The music that is made in the region of one of the largest forests in the world is brought directly to you through the Monkey of the Amazon, our direct correspondent from the green hell, straight from the triple Amazonian border (Brazil, Colombia and Peru). Environmental issues and a playlist of the entire Amazon region, green tips that help us do our part. Get on the branch with the monkey, and stay tuned!


Macaco da Amazônia is our direct correspondent for the city of Letícia in Colombia, where he "lives"
local music and "opens a window" for this region of America.

Wednesdays and Fridays from 11 am.


The heavy side of rock and the sound stones. Multi format program, with music and chat, presented by Lohy Silveira and eventual guests.



Lohy Silveira who dedicated himself to making a program about a common passion, Heavy Metal. The best of Metal, and heavy rock is presented in a thematic and also free form, with the occasional participation of Juann Acosta (Fala Roqueiro), and eventual guests.


Experience the new and different from the conventional. Propose yourself to know what runs in parallel in the artistic scene of our country and which contributes to the formation of Brazilian musical culture.



Maglore, The Most Beautiful Band in the City, Supercolisor, Casa das Máquinas, Som Nosso de Cada Dia, Marcelo Jeneci, All the Caetanos of the World, among others make up this playlist that shows the best of our music scene.

Mondays and Thursdays from 11 am. - Tuesdays and Fridays from 6 pm.


Expresso do Rock was aired for the first time on July 1, 2017 under the command of Júlio Cézar Filho and with the special participation of Mestre Cidão, Chef Bruxo, Xaxá and Júlio Bueno.


Expresso do Rock breaks the bonds of the conventional and will kill your hunger for good music.

BLOCK 01 - Presentation (Júlio C. Filho) and GELEIA GENERAL with Mestre Cidão

BLOCK 02 - ROCK ARCHIVE with Júlio Bueno

BLOCK 03 - ROCK CONNECTION with Élida Rodrigues

BLOCK 04 - CALDEIRÃO DO ROCK with Chef Sorcerer


BLOCK 06 - ROCK HISTORY and ending with Júlio Cézar Filho

Mondays and Saturdays from 6 pm.


The program where only the instrument comes into play. Axl invites everyone to be silent before the voice of musical instruments, bringing songs and bands without the presence of the voice.



A selection of instrumentalists and instrumental versions that identify a vein of the musical sensibility of the friend Axl who seeks together with the tips of listeners and friends to bring a different moment to his musical "background".

Sundays from 17 h.

J de jazz

The great names of the genre, in classic or rare recordings, presenting the best in the history of this musical style so revolutionary and fascinating that is jazz.


Curated by Gustavo Pessota, dental surgeon, bassist of the band JazzGig and a passionate collector of jazz and instrumental music.

Mezcla Latina in Brazil

Regional, nativist, Latin American, and universal music. Mixing the languages: Portuguese, and Spanish, the communicator Daniel Mello (Uruguayan of sepa, but gaucho at heart) brings a musical and cultural mix to enrich the mornings of the weekend.


Uruguayan Daniel Mello of Artigas but gaucho at heart.

Saturdays and Sundays from 8 am.


Know the Universe within you. Reassure your mind and relax your body with soft music, accompanied by sounds of nature and inspiring melodies.


A perfect playlist for your Sunday. It provides the feeling that time has stopped in a time of sensory overload, when many people live at a frantic pace.

Sundays from 2 pm.


It's not just rock. It's a rock style! Artists ranging from Cascavelletes, Replicantes, TNT, None of Us, Bidet or Bucket, Kid Vinyl, Street Boys, Citizen Who, Graforréia Xilarmônica, Vander Vildner, Apanhador Only up to other classics of rock music born in Rio Grande do Sul.

Mondays from 8:30 pm and Sunday from 7 pm


The golden years of funk, with the groove, the soul of soul music, hints of samba rock with national and international artists. A program that features songs from the 60s, 70s, and mid 80s.


Paul is a guy who is not content to always hear the same, he is constantly looking for news and relics of black music that have been lost over time. Sharing the discoveries and getting you to dance are the goals of this communicator beyond stylish.

Fridays and Saturdays from 22 h.


The best of the alternative ballad. Press play, because the ballad starts at home.


From Frantic, Gloria Gaynor, New Order and Pharrel Willams to AC / DC, Guns & Roses, Queen and Baron Red ... from the past to the present, a playlist made especially for you who don't like to stand still.

Fridays and Saturdays from 8:30 pm and from Tuesday to Thursday from 7 pm.



Presented by the Jungian psychologist Meldeluz, a program that develops ideas and concepts of psychology in its relationship with everyday themes, promoting moments of reflection and self-knowledge for its listeners.


"Your vision will only become clear when you can look into your heart. Whoever looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens." - Carl Gustav Jung

Programa Sem Nome

Content provider program for chat and reflection. Always with local weather information and good music.



Live Axl and his correspondents bring interesting subjects by placing a particular view on the observations, and producing updated content for our listeners. Indicate music, news and varied topics that you think is important to share.

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am. Repeats Wednesdays at 22 pm, Saturdays at 2 pm and Sundays at 6 pm.


It is very psychedelic, having as main characteristic the idea of trance into which the listener enters, wrapped by the synthesizer lines repeated along the beats of the music, which consists of a 4/4 rhythm. Since its inception, trance has undergone several changes. According to the details in their structure, they can be of Progressive, Dark and Psychedelic styles, among others. Each strand became independent, forming a school for the artists involved.


"After silence, what comes closest to expressing the inexpressible is music". - Aldous Huxley

Fridays and Saturdays from 24 h.

Programa Rockarina

The Rockarina Program is very eclectic, with rock'n'roll and blues from all seasons and strands. Eventually it will be attended by live guests, such as musicians, bands, artists, personalities and cultural producers.



Rockarina is presented by Carina Gertz, who is Public Relations, Journalist and Postgraduate in Marketing, has already covered several journalistic, photographic, live broadcasts and interviews with musicians and bands. Covering events like Ozzy Show, Robert Plant Show, Roger Waters, among many others.

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 20 h.

Roots and Reggae

Selection with root reggae, spiritual reggae, and cultural training. A meeting of the good vibes of Jah with a selection of national and international artists, made to reflect and enjoy a unique moment with a lot of peace and love.


Always taking the moments of reflection seriously and respecting and uniting everyone, Paul never conforms to what is "imposed" by Babylon and therefore seeks the cry of liberation at the root of reggae.

Wednesdays from 9 pm.

Som do Asfalto

The sound for those who like to hit the road in good musical company. The best trail to be on wheels.


Axl and Lohy present a mix of good music for those who are, have been or will be on the roads. Settle down and have a good trip.

From Monday to Friday from 17 h.

Som dos Ventos

A program that presents the wind forecast with a focus on sports. Indicating the right combination of winds and sports for your weekend, bringing interviews, information, special tips and good music.



To conduct Som dos Ventos we have an International Kitesurf Instructor, Sailor, Surfer, Accessible Tourism Instructor, worshiper and practitioner of various sports and directly involved with our waters, environment and clean energy. With you our friend Gusta.


Where did we come from, who are we and where are we going? The Terra program addresses philosophical, scientific and natural issues about the environment, the history of the planet, sustainability and environmental preservation, with a playlist of songs from around the world, broadcast directly from the Republic of Ireland.


Bianca Fachel - singer and composer, researcher and activist of the principles of Permaculture and environmental preservation.

The Full Dinossauros

From rock classics to today's alternative rock with refinement for the right moment.



It is a style of music that takes the listener to his own sensation, but it does not have the same meaning for everyone who hears it, each individual uses his own emotionality, his imagination, his memories and his roots to make sense, all the subtleties of a work or improvisation is not always interpreted or felt in a similar way by people from different social classes or cultures, so have fun!

Sundays and Mondays from 9 pm.

The Full Violão

With refinement for the right moment, an alternative only to the sound of the good old guitar.



A special curator with classics and pearls found in an exquisite personal archive of songs lost in history and with names still unknown, even many years after its "initial shine".

Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 am.

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We at Rádio Mutante adopt a nonpartisan position as moral, ethical and behavioral principles. In this way each communicator has the right and total responsibility for what he writes and / or speaks that is broadcasted on the radio or any of his other channels of communication.